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By Dr. Chris Brooks
Tue, Mar 5. 4PM - 8PM
Alliance Française de Lagos / Mike Adenuga Centre, Lagos
past about 2 months

In 2022, in the heart of Abuja, Nigeria, at a dinner attended by Nigerian dignitaries, ambassadors, and businesspeople, Dr. Christopher Brooks is rechristened Adamu Omowale Chibozor. The Yoruba name Omowale translates to “the child has come home.” It is in this moment that Dr. Brooks becomes reinvigorated in his purpose and reconnected to the continent where his ancestors lived and loved.

Dr. Brooks has made a career by breaking the cycle of generational poverty. He cofounded Brown Venture Group, the first Black-owned venture capital firm in Minnesota. With a multiracial “Jamerican” identity as the son of a Jamaican mother and a Midwestern, white father, his vision in Omowale extends far beyond cooperation; he calls for the development of an interdependent economic framework rooted in Africa and reaching the entire Black global diaspora.

Like the powerful story of Barack Obama, Omowale is a reflection on identity, a powerful call to action, and a rallying cry for justice. Now is the time to figure out what “social justice” and “biblical justice” really mean. Dr. Brooks expertly navigates the complexities, giving those seeking a higher purpose a way to get there. As Charles R. Stith, fellow pastor, friend, and investor, puts it, “Omowale is not just a memoir—it’s a treatise, a personal testimony that beckons readers to our common identity as a part of the human family.”

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