Oloolua Nature Trail - Tiger Revolution Safaris

Oloolua Nature Trail - Tiger Revolution Safaris
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Sat, Sep 6. 5:00AM - 2:00PM

Tiger Revolution Safaris Nairobi, Kenya

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Oloolua Nature Trail (Ololua Adveture walk) in Kenya is located in Karen Neighbourhood in Nairobi in the indigenous tropical dry Oloolua forest in Kenya.

The Oloolua nature trail meanders through thick forest vines and undergrowth below giant indigenous trees and bushes, in some places following the course of the Mbagathi River that cuts through the fores, Its provides an oasis of tranquility for city residents looking to escape the city hustle and bustle.


Shaky wooden stairs, that leads you through numerous Oloolua Forest underground caves in Nairobi presumed to have been home to the Mau Mau freedom fighters in Kenya during the colonial period of Kenya’s History.

Further along the trail close to the river, you encounter a 33m long cave. If you brought a flashlight with you, an exploration of this dark subterranean world takes you through numerous underground caverns reputed to have once been home to Mau Mau freedom fighters during the colonial period of Kenya’s History.

A papyrus swamp further down the river offers a further glimpse into the rich biodiversity of this indigenous forest. From here on, the trail climbs out of the river valley, occasional bursting upon glades bathed in bright sunlight before diving back under the canopy of the cool forest cover.

A picnic site complete with benches, drop toilets and trash bins offers a nice setting for couples or groups to rest, play or enjoy a meal within the forest.

The most spectacular of the attractions in the forest is a 20-foot waterfall close to the forest entrance. As you pick your way along the trail to the waterfall, you’ll go past a wooden tower that was constructed some years back for viewing a Crowned Eagle’s nest that was situated nearby.

Meeting Point:Kencom 9:00 am

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Kenyans - ksh.1000
Residents - ksh.1300
Non-Residents - Ksh.1700

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Booking fees is ksh.600 & balance is cleared on the date to go.

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