No Guns in Town & Killer Drugs

No Guns in Town & Killer Drugs
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Sat, Nov 12 8:00AM - Sun, Nov 13 2:00AM

Watamu, Kenya Watamu, Kenya

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Malindi, Watamu and Ngomeni, Famau said, recorded at least three cases of new peddlers into the illicit industry but arresting such culprits was impossible mainly because the police were ill equipped to handle the new cases due lack of transport and quick response to reports.

The activist said that large-scale traffickers of drugs had a way of changing peddlers so as to cover their business and that way, even the police and activists always had a challenge dealing with the menace.
Malindi is known to be a centre of drug traffickers and with the highest amount of cocaine having been recovered in villas in the town; the order by President Uhuru should cover Malindi and with haste to ensure that the suspected European drug traffickers did not take cover,