Nkambom Literary Festival

Nkambom Literary Festival
past over 1 year ago

Starts: Friday, 12 August, 2016 12:00pm

Ends: Wednesday, 17 August, 2016 12:00am

Event Details

We bring you the first ever Ghanaian contemporary literary festival pooling young word spawners who use ink, voice, music, mixed media, etc to convey stories that connect histories, consumate the present to redicover the future.

We engage thought sharers, dream-filled griots and community-fixated troubadours navigating alternative paths to carve content to engage spaces, as such the theme: “kenten spaces”. Kenten means 'basket' in akan. The idea negotiates the intrinsic culture of oral folk poetry which sounds as if the language were woven. In the contemporary sense of the art form as projected in a new era of technology-influenced spaces like the interweb not easily accessible via indigenous codes, fonts and languages, does that result in marginalizing thoughts, subjects and philosophies of indigenous social scapes?

Other main points of discussion include the necessity to explore how we could learn to understand ours and other people's cultures, promote engagement to build strong and diverse communities through our curricular, social spaces, interactions, electronic media, etc. How could we restore the concrete cultural edification and build a unique voice to expand choices, to nurture a variety of skills, human values and world views and be in tune with what surrounds us in this fast-moving world to engage audiences and ourselves with transformational concepts through literary arts?

August 12th
Poetry Workshop for Teens (Slam Lab)
with Ms Mariska Darko, kwame write, Efo Dela, Ozionn
Venue: PAWA house [FREE]

August 13th
2pm - African Lit Pop Shop
5-6pm - Readings
7-9pm Storytelling Night
Venue: Exhibition Hall, National Theatre (Rate- ghc10)

August 14th
5 - 8pm Free Show - w/ LeBrave, DJ VimTins
Venue: Abelemkpe Taxi Rank [FREE]

August 17th
10-12am - Writing + Reading Workshop with persons with disabilities (at Hope for Life, Gbawe)
[FREE. Donate books, general goods, etc]

3-5pm - Workshop with university students at SRC Union Hall, UG
featuring VOCAL from Canada (Anthony Bansfield, Dwayne Morgan, Edmond David, Motion, Osei Alleyne, DJ Elloquenz)

8-12midnight - Vocal Portraits Live III
with VOCAL, poets from compilation https://soundcloud.com/vocalportraits
Venue: The Republic Bar Osu (Rate- ghc10)
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