Nii Obodai: Photographer

Nii Obodai: Photographer
past about 4 years ago

Mon, Apr 28. 3:00PM - 6:00PM

Nubuke Foundation 1st Freetown Link, Accra, Ghana

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Nii Obodai’s photography is driven by his passion to explore the depth of his desire, bring his existence to the consciousness of his audience and open up space for dialogue serving as gateways for him and other human beings.

He states that communication is a response to the same things differently and this has become a passion for his works: to engage and communicate with the audience. He is currently living in Ghana and working on a project titled ‘Forgotten’ which looks at Ghana’s relationship with the environment. It is a visual question of how this affects us as people.

Come and explore the world of photography through the lens of Francis Nii Obodai.