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Nigeria Students Economic Empowerment Summit -NigeriaSEES

By Young Influencers International
Thu, Mar 31. 12:00AM - 3:00AM
Main Auditorium, University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria., Lagos

NigeriaSEES; A CALL TO ACTION Nigeria Students Economic Empowerment Summit (NigeriaSEES) was bourne out of a passion to create a platform that will empower Nigerian students to be economically productive, thereby creating a future for themselves and Nigeria as a whole. Confronted with growing challenges caused by a rapidly changing world, the embrace of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity has become extremely important to staying afloat and relevant. It is no longer news that tens of thousands of students, graduates from Nigerian universities annually and are been pushed into the overcrowded 'market place' after their youth service (NYSC) program. It will therefore take continual improvement of one's self , one's skills, one's knowledge and one's strategy among other things for stability and progress in the face of the continuous change and growing challenges. This is not just about motivation, it is about giving students proven tools and necessary aids for economic productivity. This is not just about celebrating academic gown, it is about empowerment for relevance in the town. This is not just another passive meeting or entertainment, it is a call to action towards the birth of a bigger and better Nigerian economy. I therefore strongly believe that NigeriaSEES is a seed for a better tomorrow, because just as a wise man once said, "the link between the success of yesterday and a greater tomorrow, are the values that we add, and the investments that we make today". Join us therefore, as thousands of Nigerian students and fresh graduates gather from all across the nation and beyond for one purpose; ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT. TOLUWALASE CRAIG Convener

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