Ngong Hills Hike - March 28th. 2015 "Public Event"

Ngong Hills Hike - March 28th. 2015 "Public Event"
past about 3 years ago

Starts: Saturday, 28 March, 2015 03:30am

Ends: Saturday, 28 March, 2015 11:00am

Event Details

This will be the final prep hike for the Mt. Kenya challenge participants this Easter.
Mandatory hike for all the Mt. Kenya participants, and open to anyone interested in joining.

The Ngong hills are peaks in a ridge along the great rift valley located southwest near Nairobi... Ngong hills offer a perfect escape from Nairobi,amazing scenery, fresh air and beautiful surroundings .The top of the hills affords you amazing views across the rift valley,you can see the Nairobi skyline in the distance,Mt Longonot and the rift valley floor.

Join "Team Xtrym " once again as they prepare for their Mt. Kenya Challenge.

We will hike all the seven hills, have a picnic lunch and then head back to the start point. (4hrs)

This will be a fast paced hike, no first time hikers allowed, but if you must join us, for your own safety and security, please arrange to hire a pair of armed guards at your cost.

Dress code:-
- Casual slacks or cargo pants
- Comfy hiking shoes (No Sandals or heels)
- No skirts
- Hat/cap for sun protection
- A jacket or something warm

Complete details to follow