Nate Maingard Playing An Intimate House Concert In Cape Town (Observatory)

Nate Maingard Playing An Intimate House Concert In Cape Town (Observatory)
past over 2 years ago

Sat, Feb 13. 5:00PM - 9:00PM

Observatory, Western Cape, South Africa Observatory, South Africa

Event Details

It has been SO LONG since I played a show near the city centre of Cape Town. My lovely friend Simone has opened up her home for us, so let's make some sweet magic happen!

There will be music, beautiful art on the walls, chilled vibes and whatever else you bring with you.

More details to follow, please invite anyone you think would appreciate the songs and stories of a modern troubadour.

"We both really appreciated every minute of the house concert - such a blessing to experience Nate's music in such a natural and personal setting." -George and Chloe

"Nate is a consummate romantic in a world filled with deadlines and mortgage payments. He takes precious time to think about the narrative of our lives and his music reminds me to linger a bit longer on the observations and conversations that add colour to mine.” -Sue

“There is no better way to engage with Nate's compelling folk music than in an intimate lounge gig, not only is the music pure and unadulterated, but you can feel the fire in his eyes too.” –Noel

“Maingard writes protest songs for lovers and love songs for rebels.” -LMG Magazine

“Take George Harrison and Elliott Smith, put them in a blender with a shot of individuality, and you get Nate Maingard“ -Jonathan Frahm (Popmatters)

“Nate Maingard is one hell-of-a performer. Friendly, warm, full of passion and stories, he brings you in and takes you on a journey that you won't soon forget. Nate's songs and voice are fresh and yet represent the kind of well crafted, soaring sounds that will never go out of style.”
- Rafe Offer (Sofar Sounds)