Namaqualand Flower Fun Festival

Namaqualand Flower Fun Festival
past almost 4 years ago

Fri, Sep 5. 3:00PM - 6:00PM

Gifberg Rusoord Vanrhynsdorp, South Africa

Event Details

A celebration of wholesome activities in the beautiful flowers of the Namaqualand spring time.

- trailrunning (21km Cederburg traverse in the northern stretches)
- guided flower walks
- eco lectures
- camping
- star gazing
- educational bush walks
- yoga
- stocked bar / DJ's and dancing :)
and some special No Danger Diaries fun and games

It's the 7th edition and is a prime opportunity to get out of town, reconnect with nature, reconnect with friends and frolic amongst the daisies of the Namaqualand.