Nairobi Welcomes Pujya Maadi

By Pujya Maadi
Wed, Oct 12 4:00AM - Wed, Oct 19 4:00PM
Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi

Shri Bhogilal S Panchal, known as Jay Maadi, is a foremost devotee of Shri Meldi Mataji and has been blessed with divine powers from Shri Meldi Maa from a very young age. Maadi's life is very simple and transparent, having responsibilities of the family, he has struggled a lot and done hard work in his life. Never demanded anything from people in the name of religion, temple or selfless activities. He has faith and truth belief on Maa, devotion and noble deeds. He has never selected shortcut of life and always worked hard and made an example of successful life. Now Maadi has become a universal saint. Maadi gives respect to all cast, creed and culture. He has built Shri Bhagwati Meldi Mataji Temple in Kheda all by himself and never took any financial aid from anyone. Maadi says that Mother never demands anything from the son. She always gives and takes care of her children. To Maadi we are all children of Maa, and being blessed by her divine powers, he wants to help his children and give them solutions of health, wealth and happiness. Without paying any money or gifts, he will give free advise, precautions and medicine of our body, mind and difficult disease.

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