Nairobi, Kenya. Talk&Walk to Prevent Violent Extremism

Nairobi, Kenya. Talk&Walk to Prevent Violent Extremism
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Sun, May 28 9:00PM - Mon, May 29 8:59PM

Juja Preparatory & Senior School P.O. Box 298 Kalimoni Juja, Kenya

Event Details

Spreading a Culture of Peace
"Talk&Walk to Prevent Violent Extremism"

This year’s peace walk invites participants to think and talk about our personal beliefs, whether they anchor on the value of peace and how to make that part of our daily lives to prevent extremism and violent extremism.
Values on (1) Respect for human life, (2) A sense of kinship with humanity, (3) Coexistence, (4) Sustainability will be extensively discussed and shared at the event. After the talks, the peace walk will spread the culture of peace in the community.
If you are curious why we march for peace this year, please check out at

You can be part of the May 25th Peace Campaign! Here is how you can participate:
1. Show your support by participating in the peace walk in your region.
2. Volunteer to be one of staff members for the campaign in your region!
3. Be a campaign publicity via social media by starting a dialogue and sharing what’s happening in peace walk in your region. Use hashtags,

Making peace materials
Peace Walk

If you wish to participate in the peace walk, contact
Head Organizer, Mathias Osimbo / /

We invite you to take a meaningful part in this peace campaign.
Please contact head-organizer for more information.
Your participation in the campaign for building peace will be greatly valued.
Thank you!