Nairobi Festival of Perfomance and Media Arts

By Nairobi Festival of Performance and Media Arts - NFPMA
Mon, Nov 9 6:00AM - Mon, Nov 16 7:00PM
Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi

Nairobi festival of Performance and Media Arts is an annual platform, which brings artists, students and international community, to collectively showcase their talent through arts, culture and digital media in conventional and public spaces. The platform focus, is engaging creative talent of youth and innovative artists in transforming the face of public spaces (streets, alleys, pavements, buildings, parks and dead spaces) into vibrant cultural, safe and expressive environment; NFPMA seeks to collaborate with institutions, students, local business and community; in developing a one of a kind festival in Africa and the world. Therefore, infecting the city with intercultural dialogues, reaching to global audience through online blogging and streaming platforms.

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