Mystery Journey Ssn 2.

By B Boy HarryAfrica
Sat, Jun 11. 11:00AM - 2:00PM
ICC (International Christian Centre) Church: Mombasa Rd, Nairobi - Kenya, Nairobi

Mystery Journey is a series of art showcase that takes place every quarter of the year, where the best and skilled showcasing dance groups or individuals have the platform to share their mystery skills, Mystery art, Mystery stories & Mystery journey of their lives through DANCE. Mystery Journey is the first event in Africa in these series with a Christian setting. We believe in this platform being a life changing opportunity for many talented youths and an inspiration to others who feel less talented. So Gentle Ladies & Men!!!!! #DANCE meets #BAND. Come experience a deadly fusion of Dance, Live Band and Poetry. When Street Dance meets Contemporary Dance, Spoken word and Live Band. to tell significant stories, tales and journey's experienced through art & dance stories. #MysteryJourney Spreading God's word through ART. Tickets: #500kshAdvance #Ksh600AtTheGate #VIP1000Ksh Ticket Hotline: 0738531885. #buydancebuilddance

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