MRtC : Art Route

MRtC : Art Route
past 11 months ago

Fri, Aug 25 8:00AM - Sun, Aug 27 2:00PM

Magaliesburg, South Africa Magaliesburg, South Africa

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200,000 years ago art was largely confined to rocks in the Magaliesburg reflecting the daily lives of the hunter gatherers of those days. Today the local art scene has expanded into all genres and Magaliesburg has attracted established and budding artists as celebrated community members. Magalies Rocks the Cradle Art Route is proud to be showcasing a broad variety of local and South African artists on this Route. The Magaliesburg Art Route now boasts regular art exhibitions which include fine art, portraiture, commercial. The abstract art and spectacular wire art is among the best in the country. The Art Route will allow you to experience an expression of creative skill and imagination within a range of genres, styles and mediums. Get your fingers dirty with a self-expression workshop or meet the artists and watch them create timeless pieces of art.

Exhibitions are placed at a broad variety of venues around the Magalies area and Alice Art Gallery is very involved. From just enjoying art for the sake of art, to drinking a glass of wine while looking at art, to being treated at a spa event while rubbing shoulders with the artists - follow the Route or make up your own stopping points. Some of the venues and Artists are donating 10% of their sales to much-needed community projects.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso - join our Magalies rocks the Cradle Art Route and get inspired!