Mother Earth Festival

Sat, Aug 18 4:00PM - Sun, Aug 19 9:00PM
Asaasi Yaa Beach Front Resort, Kokrobite
  • Every year in August, Green Butterfly and friends converge in Langma, near Kokrobite, for the annual Mother Earth Festival .

    Langma is located about 15miles (35km) outside Accra. Heading towards Winneba, a left turn at the Kokrobite junction leads you through the Bojo beach area and into the fishing village of Kokrobite. Langma is the next village to Kokrobite and is within walking distance. The area is also home to many artists and local drum and dance groups such as AKROWA, who will be one of the groups performing at the festival.

    There are a number of accommodations available in Kokrobite/Langma area from GHS150 for a basic room to $300 for luxury accommodations. There are hotels, lodges, as well as cottages available for large groups. Festival goers are welcome to book rooms in advance. Simply call Green Butterfly 0247900791 and we will assist you.

    Langma is just about 15minutes drive from the West Hills mall where visitors can shop for various supplies not easily found in the villages. Basic necessities are easy to find in the Kokrobite area however certain specialty items may require a trip to the mall.

    Reconnect with nature through the arts and music.

    Traditional Music and Dance
    Reggae Rising Concert
    Open Air Stock Exchange (all weekend, 10am daily)
    Tribute to Fasisal Helwani.

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