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Modern Manners for Professionals and Business Owners

By Doing Business Africa
Fri, Oct 22. 4PM - 6PM
Accra, Accra
past over 1 year
Modern Manners for Professionals and Business Owners

In this session we will discuss the following topics:
- The Importance of Everyday Modern Manners
- Corporate Image, Style, and Making a Good First Impression
- Benefits of Good Diction and Elocution
- Essential Comportment and Deportment
- Questions and Answers Session
The Investment in this preliminary session is N5,000 and each participant receives a copy of Successful Networking or Business Lunch book as published on Amazon and A Degree is Not Enough. You can also buy the books on your own. Read some articles on Business Etiquette on our blog.
To reserve your slot, kindly click to fill in this form and send payment to Heiress Egeria Ltd. First Bank of Nigeria 2008538899. Thank you very much. You can reach us on 08025369434 / 08134530588
You can watch our Etiquette videos here on TikTok . And on YouTube
Nigerians are known for their culture of deference and excellence in traditional etiquette. Various Nigerian cultures have important rites, traditions, and etiquette that they adhere to.. When we adopt global business culture skills, we become excellent ambassadors for ourselves, our families, our companies, and our nation.
Our company, Africulture GBC Ltd. has partnered with PH Forsythe Cooperative to up-skill professionals and business owners in the Niger Delta towards improving our ratings on the Global Competitiveness Index (GCI).
Sign up for the course here. Or Kindly call 07011178304 See Less

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