Mingle Mingle

Mingle Mingle
past almost 4 years ago

Sat, Sep 6. 6:30AM - 9:30AM

Frank Educational centre-Primary School Ngando ward Nairobi, Kenya

Event Details

You may think, ‘I have attended previous get-togethers, I am sure this one will be like the others.’ No… no it won’t!

What makes this one different?

1) Venue
We have told you about the children but now you get to meet them at Frank Educational Center and learn about the various challenges they face and what is being done to overcome them.

2) Project ideas
The brilliant minds of AHI have come up with different sustainable projects to roll out. Do you have better project plans? Would you like to partner with us? Get your say.

3) Updates
Here we get to share with you milestones and upcoming events. Trust me. It’s plenty. Don’t mistake our silence for inactivity!

The venue will be at the Frank Educational Center in Dagoretti. The event will begin at 9.30am till 1pm.Its all about the kids :)

Remember to bring books and clothes you no longer require but are in good condition as well as stationary, teaching aids, sanitary towels and other materials to donate to the school.

Hope to see you there!