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Miles to Karni

By Miles
Tue, Apr 30. 12PM - Sun 5PM
Karni Health Centre, Karni
past about 1 month
Miles to Karni
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The St. Stella's Health Center is a dedicated medical facility established and commemorated in 2002, serving the people of Karni in the Lambrusi district of the Upper West Region of Ghana. For over 21 years, the facility has been the sole provider of basic medical services to the people of Karni and its neighboring communities. 

However, due to the increase in population over the years and the excellent services provided by the staff, which attract patronage from neighboring communities, the facility is currently in a depleting stage. The facility provides O.P.D services, general medical care and maternal services. Due to the demands and nature of cases handled, the facility now operates a 24-hour service. 

The St. Stella's Health Center contains 5 main rooms used for medical and administrative purposes. Given its usage pressure, the facility’s assessment showed that the structure has defects and isn't fit for its intended purpose. The space dedicated to O.P.D services, detention and labour related services is insufficient, considering the over fifty patients who visit the facility daily. Also, it was identified that the Center lacks the essential equipment for maternal and general services. 

#Miles4RotaractGh is a group of young Rotaractors of diverse professional backgrounds, passionate about exploring Ghana by road and with the aim of contributing and achieving the Rotary Foundation Areas of Focus namely; 

  • Peacebuilding & Conflict Prevention 
  • Disease Prevention & Treatment 
  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene 
  • Maternal & Child Health 
  • Basic Education & Literacy 
  • Community Economic Development 
  • Environment 

Notwithstanding, the team also focuses on increasing the Rotaract 3000 agenda which seeks to increase the number of Rotaractors in Ghana throughout their 1056 miles on the road. 

Rotaract is a service-oriented non-governmental and non-profit organization with a membership of over 800 young professionals in Ghana who seek to create hope in the world through volunteerism and leadership development. In communities worldwide, Rotaract members work side by side to take action through ser-vice. From big cities to rural villages, Rotaract is changing communities like yours. District 9104 consists of institutional and community-based Rotaract clubs in Ghana. 

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