Mid-morning Cinema: Touki Bouki -The Journey of the Hyena (1973)

Mid-morning Cinema: Touki Bouki -The Journey of the Hyena (1973)
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Starts: Saturday, 28 January, 2017 08:00am

Ends: Saturday, 28 January, 2017 11:00am

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Touki Bouki (The Journey of the Hyena)
Djibril Diop Mambety, Senegal, 1973

A cowherd and a university student set off on a skull-mounted motorcycle meet in Dakar. They agree that the life of post-independence Senegal is not for them, and they set off on a journey to make a better life in Paris. Anta and Mory dream of an Atlantis across the Atlantic and Touki Bouki tracks their mostly illegal efforts to get their hands on enough cash to pay for a place on a boat to Europe.

Touki Bouki is a story of the brashness and delusions of youth, but also of hopes and dreams.

In what was his first feature-length film, Mambety juxtaposes images of post-colonial Senegal, upsetting the promise of post-colonial Africa.