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Metaverse Technology “What is the Metaverse, What, Why, Who, How”

By STEM Academy Achievers Ghana
Tue, May 17. 7PM - 8:30PM
Accra, Accra
past over 1 year
Metaverse Technology “What is the Metaverse, What, Why, Who, How”
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On 10/26/2021 Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, announced that Facebook is changing its name to ‘Meta’. Mark Zuckerberg said that “Over time, I hope that we’re seen as a metaverse company, and I want to anchor identity on what we’re building towards.” 

Facebook has bet big on it, changing its name to Meta in October. It has also caught the attention of other large companies as well, like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Nvidia, Roblox, etc. 

The Metaverse describes a parallel digital universe and the next iteration of the internet, which promises to allow people to live, work and play within the virtual world.

In this webinar Paulette Watsons will present an overview of the Metaverse: What, Why, Who, and How. 

What is the Metaverse? Key Elements and Characteristics of the Metaverse. 

What is the purpose for the Metaverse? Benefits and disbenefits of the Metaverse. 

Who, are the key African leaders and Companies involved in the Metaverse? 

How the Metaverse will work? 

How does the metaverse discussion appear from the point of view of responsibility? 

How might the metaverse be built in an ecologically sustainable way? 

How might the metaverse be built in a socially fair way? 

How will fair rules be built for the metaverse? 

Speaker Bio 
Global Evangelist Tech Disruptor + Digital Transformation Consultant

Paulette’s expertise ranges across non-executive director (NED), strategic planning, organisation design, digital transformation, and leadership development. Her industry experience encompasses technology, software architecture design, professional services, engineering, financial services, people management and organisation development. 

Paulette Watson understands the need for quality education for young females in Ghana. From the head of Academy Achievers, she advocates for high-quality support in schools and universities. She spent nearly 12 years working with students from disadvantaged backgrounds as a computer science teacher, Head of E-learning, and Director of Information Communication Technology (ICT). The experience has helped her in the role of Managing Director of Academy Achievers and as a Digital Transformation consultant. She understands how to examine the mental inequality in education and is set on developing #BeMe digital inclusion road map to digitally include young females. Using her community projects, she analyses the mental inequality in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and explores the real-life experiences from females unfair and bias treatments from the school system (being excluded) and now that facial recognition has severe biases. 

Paulette Watson has spent two decade as an educational technologist. She was responsible for all aspects of the company’s communications capabilities that are meant to drive the performance of a business. From these abilities, she focused on Communication and Digital Transformational Strategy, Data Analytics, Gender Diversity, and Recruiting, skills that she has applied in the local global community of Academy Achievers. During the years, Paulette Watson has implemented these values in the Academy’s management, so staff, local community leaders, parents, children and young people would be digitally literate and be able to face the digital world. 

Paulette is particularly interested in how lockdown has created a stark digital divide in Ghana. In January 2021 the UK, UNESCO reported that over 800 million children still faced disruption to their education. UNESCO warned of the impact on vulnerable and marginalised youth who missed out on key learning time. In her quest to diversity the tech industry, she wants to shed light by hosting these tech talks to bring increase awareness in the space. 

Paulette received an M.B.A (International Leadership) and Masters (Information Communication Technology) degree from Institute of Education. Paulette also holds a Prince 2 qualification. Paulette has sat on several boards: Equality Team Lewisham as Treasurer and Vice-Chair, and Youth First as Non-Executive Director, a mutual owned and run by professional youth workers and young people. She previously served on the Local School Board as a co-opted Governor at Cumberland Trust Secondary school. A recent member of the Newham Governors’ Forum Association (affiliated to the National Governance Association). 

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