Men of Faith Breakfast Fellowship

Men of Faith Breakfast Fellowship
past 12 months ago

Starts: Saturday, 8 July, 2017 07:00am

Ends: Saturday, 8 July, 2017 10:00am

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In traffic this evening I wanted to buy sausage roll so I called for Galaxy! The vendor asked me whether it was the yellow gala or red gala that I wanted, I told him there was only one Gala and that was what I wanted! The main was confused and went away. How many of us know that gala is it brand name for sausage rolls made by Uac Plz and not the name for all sausage rolls made by others? Gala has been in the market for 50 Years ! What is responsible for that staying power of Gala? It's called Resilience? The power to keep going where others have failed! Want lasting success? You have to be resilient, come and learn how to be resilient in a relaxed atmosphere. Don't miss it this Saturday, 8 am Jesus time. Be there