MemoriesPremier Valentine Cruise and Adventure

By Memoriespremier
Tue, Feb 14. 5:00AM - 8:00AM
Lagos, Nigeria, Lagos

DATE:Tuesday, 14th February, 2017 TOUR DURATION:One (1) Day DESTINATION DETAILS: Myth has it that a farmer who was called Agbedeh was the person who founded Badagry. When Nigeria’s history is mentioned, Badagry comes out proudly because a lot of things happened here to help shape the future of the present Nigeria. Badagry is loved by tourists and has become a very busy place that is frequented by both Nigerians and foreigners. We have some of the places you cannot resist when you come to Badagry. #Agia tree The Agia tree fell at the Market Street which has become famous because it was under this tree that Christianity in Nigeria was first preached in 1842. You may not see this tree any longer but the exact spot where this tree was located can still be seen. #Slave Trade Relics The Mobee Family who lived in Marina are the custodians of the slave trade relics which comprises of locks and shackles. You would be told a lot of things when you come here. #Vlekete Shrine/Market It was in this shrine that Richard Lander was brought before a priest for alleged espionage charges. He was forced to take poison and he survived after he drank this concoction to prove that he was innocent. #First of pair of Sato Drums Do you know about the Sato Drums? In 1543, Tosavi and his son, Whensu who were from Republic of Benin brought this drums to Akara Kunmo. #The first Nigerian storey building Reverend Henry Townsend of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) was the man who built the first storey building in Nigeria in 1845. This building once served as the official resident for St. Thomas Anglican Church. It was here that Samuel Ajayi Crowther, translated the Holy Bible from English to Yoruba. #The Slave Museum The history of slave trade in Nigeria cannot be complete without Badagry. This is where you would find the Slave Museum that is famous around the world. There is hardly anything about slavery that is missing in this museum that clearly tells what happened in this place during that era. #The First Primary School in Nigeria St. Thomas (Anglican) Primary school was the first primary school to be established in Badagry in 1845. Later, the first secondary school, Badagry Grammar School was built in 1955. #Point of No Return Apart from that, there is the Point of No Return. This is the last point of call for the slaves. When the slaves arrive Badagry, they are transported via the lagoon to an Island, where they commence a 2.5kilometre walk to the Atlantic. Although the island is called Gberefu Beach, it is popularly referred to as the Point of No Return.Why? Before the slaves get to the Atlantic, there is a well dug beside the road to provide water for the slaves, who are tired and thirsty from walking with chains. But, ironically, the water from the well was said to have been charmed by the local people.It was meant to make the slaves less aggressive, more submissive, and, at times, even wipe off their memory. The belief is that when that water is tasted, the hope of returning no longer exists. The well stands there till today, although covered with grime. SUMMARY OF ITINERARY:From our rendezvous point in Ibadan and Lagos, the tour group will transit down to Badagry town, in Lagos state, Southwest Nigeria, where the group will begin a guided Sight seeing round the historic sites. The sight seeing is expected to take a little over an hour. After exploring the attractions in the town and its environs, the group will proceed to the badagry slave port beach which is a few meters accross the lagoon in a ferry, where the group will have the opportunity of meeting some new people, and experiencing the historic events of slave trading right on tour and afterwish the beach party,games and lots of other excitement.For those who wish to go on this trip and still have time to fulfill some other engagements on Tuesday evening, we aim to leave Badagry by 6pm that same day. TRIP DETAILS: Destination: Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria. Rendezvous Point:Ibadan & Lagos (specific details will be included in the final trip dossier sent to trip participants). Rendezvous Time:6:00am prompt Cost:Ibadan-N8,000 for Single, N15,000 for Couple Lagos-N4,000 for Single,N7,500 *Cost covers all transportation (to and from rendezvous point),entry fees into tourist attractions,refreshment,beach party,games and tour guide. Payment:Since we have limited space and need to book transportation in advance, interested participants are advised to make their payments on or before Wednesday, 8th of February, 2017 into this bank account:Bank- Firstban Account Name-Memories Premier & Logistics Account Number-2031629155 *After making your payment, kindly send an email notification to Online transfers are also accepted, however, make sure you keep a copy of your transaction details such as bank tellers, online transfer confirmation pages etc.RESERVATION OF SPACE IS BASED ON FIRST-PAID-FIRST-SERVED BASIS, so make sure you pay early enough before the deadline. Kindly spread the word for us. Interested participants should send us an email to or call+234-8066143574 to make reservations or other inquiries..

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