Mastering Pricing and Price Review in Gas & LNG Contracts Master Class

By Neoedge
Mon, Nov 17 5:00AM - Thu, Nov 20 1:30PM
Ramada Hotel Dubai, Dubai

“A unique chance to get an appreciation of pricing in International Gas and LNG Sales Contracts , of the Price Review provisions that are now almost mandatory, and how disputes in this area can be resolved.” This course is designed for gas industry professionals worldwide, those working in gas producers, buyers and sellers, and those advising investors contemplating development projects in the gas and LNG sectors of the energy industry. All of whom need to thoroughly understand and master the detail of product pricing and in particular the Price Review that has now become a regular feature of gas and LNG sales. In many regards, the Price Review is now key to the future price that the Parties will see in gas and LNG sales contracts. Attendees to this workshop will immensely benefit from ethe extensive knowledge of one of the leading Commercial Experts in this field who is currently heavily engaged in resolution of disputes in this area. For full agenda, please email us your detail contact information to Please indicate subject title “Mastering Pricing & the Price Review in Gas & LNG Contracts". This course is specially structured in 13 modules: Module 1: PRICING FUNDAMENTALS IN GLOBAL GAS & LNG MARKETS Module 2: MARKET SECTORS IN THE WHOLESALE GAS INDUSTRY Module 3: AGREEMENTS FOR THE SALE AND PURCHASE OF GAS AND LNG Module 4: PRICING IN LONG TERM GAS SALES AGREEMENTS Module 5: PRICING IN LNG SALES AGREEMENTS Case Study 1: GAS PRICE FORMULA TO TRACK MARKET VALUE Module 6: EUROPEAN TRADED GAS MARKETS – DECOUPLING FROM OIL PRICING Module 7: PRICING OF GAS IN THE US GAS MARKET Module 8: PRICE RISK MANAGEMENT Module 9: THE ROLE OF THE PRICE REVIEW IN LONG TERM GAS & LNG SALES AGREEMENTS Case Study 2: EXAMPLES OF PRICE REVIEW CLAUSES Module 10: THE VALUE OF GAS IN THE END-USER MARKET OF THE BUYER Case Study 3: CALCULATION OF MARKET VALUE Module 11: PRICE REVIEW PROVISIONS FOR THE PROTECTION OF SELLER OR BUYER Module 12: NEGOTIATED SETTLEMENT OF PRICE REVIEW Module 13: INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION OF PRICE REVIEW DISPUTES

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