Markey Funk: INSTINCT - album launch weekend

By Markey Funk
Thu, Dec 17. 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Sira, Jerusalem & Uganda, Tel Aviv,

After 7 years of collaborations and numerous side projects, Markey Funk is finally releasing his second solo album - "Instinct". To celebrate the release, he put together a series of special events, dedicated to the music that inspired it. We're starting with a weekend, split between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and two teams of Markey's friends presenting their own vision (and hearing) of the album's sound. Get ready to travel to the darkest corners of your mind! 17.12, 20:00 - Sira, Jerusalem (Ben Sira 4) 20:00 - Markey Funk 22:00 - Gilli Tha Kid 00:00 - Yonatan Biri - live 01:00 - Ofer Tisser 19.12, 21:00 - Uganda Tel Aviv (Simtat Beit haBad 5) 21:00 - Erez Todres 22:30 - Morphlexis - live Klingandhum show 23:00 - radio trip - turntables meet reel-to-reel tape Visuals by PlanktON and Jhonathan Ofrath; Vinyl and limited silk-screened prints by ASFE will be available for sale, as well as pickup for Bandcamp purchases. Free entrance. Pre-order "Instinct" on vinyl/digital here:

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