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Making Space

By Compound Canvas
Sun, Feb 25. 1PM - 5PM
Flower Therapy Mental Wellness Studio, Accra
past 5 months
Making Space
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About the event — Making Space
Making Space is an insightful event dedicated to exploring the intricate process of space creation and design. Attendees are invited to delve into the multifaceted elements shaping our environments and experiences. 

From architectural nuances to cultural influences, this event serves as a dynamic conversation on the pivotal factors to consider when crafting, sustaining, and transforming spaces.
Through insightful discussions and interactive moments, participants will examine the profound impact of values and politics in planning and design, illuminating how these considerations profoundly shape our lives and wellbeing. 

Join us for an engaging exploration of the intersections where creativity, intentionality, and human experience converge, redefining the essence of space-making in our ever-evolving contexts.

Panel Discussion and Q&A 2:00pm

A conversation on space making between an urban planner, an architect and a mental health therapist:
Boyd Larmie (Mono Design Studio)
Maggie Sade Coker (FlowerTalk)

Interactive Exhibition — 3:15pm
Two co-creation activities facilitated by Rabi Bah


About the organizer — Rabi Bah
Rabi Bah a.k.a SoulaBabe is a multifaceted creative and community facilitator with a diverse background in the arts and urban planning research. With a background as a Hip Hop dancer and DJ, art director, and visual artist, Rabi brings a unique blend of talents to the stage.

She holds a Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Amsterdam, where she honed in on her interest in planning in the West African context. Her recent 4-month research residency at the Kokrobite Institute focused on finding pre-colonial West African settlement models and their potential implications for contemporary urban planning practices in the region.

As the founder of Compound Canvas, Rabi spearheads a platform dedicated to fostering creative perspectives on space-making and democratizing planning knowledge. With her unique blend of creativity and curiosity, Rabi Bah endeavours to facilitate engaging conversations and inspire innovative approaches to shaping our environments.

About the venue — Flower Therapy Mental Wellness Studio
Maggie Sade Coker is a London native, holistic mental health therapist, and the founder of FlowerTalk Official, a platform currently set up in Accra, Ghana passionately supporting mental health through the use of flowers and holistic, naturopathic therapies.

Their core belief is that mental health support should be available to everyone, regardless of race, background, sexual orientation, identity, or economic status. This newly launched wellness space endeavours to make mental health services accessible, relatable, and affordable to people in Accra, Ghana.

"The Flower Talk Wellness Space is more than just a location; it’s a beacon of hope and healing. It represents a significant stride in mental health care, offering a unique blend of natural therapies to improve mental well-being. This space is dedicated to those seeking alternative paths to mental health, emphasizing the healing powers of nature and the importance of reconnecting with the earth." (News Ghana)

Support the Flower Therapy Mental Wellness Studio

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Compound Canvas

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