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By God'sgift Unwana
Sun, May 29 3:00PM - Mon, May 30 9:00AM
Rccg-City Of David, Eket

The purpose of this seminar is geared towards creating a platform that will identify, develop and add a significant value on the abilities of numerous unemployed Nigerian youths. Today, many young people are unemployed not because there are no jobs, but on the grounds of lack of adequate skills needed to deliver on the critical demands of the 21st century job market. We believe nothing is more important to young people than enhancing their life chances, liberating their potentials and encouraging their contribution to a global competitive and knowledge based economy. In our beloved country Nigeria today, the scale and magnitude of masses wailing and continuously complaining is on the high side. The economic and financial status quo is in a sorry state. A chunk of this sad epilogue is caused by our major and continuous dependence on crude oil as our only source of income as a nation. It is time to explore other dormant and untapped resources, it is time to patronize our own finished goods and commodities. It is time to “grow our Naira”.

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