Lyrical Dexterity (poetry)

Lyrical Dexterity (poetry)
past about 4 years ago

Wed, May 28. 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Equator Bar La Palm Royal Beach Hotel

Event Details

Under the auspices of Ministry of Poetry, Rhymesonny presents the first phase of “Lyrical Dexterity” a spokenword project he is been working on, the presentation is meant to give breath to his writing so it employs some of the intangible qualities of performance poetry—emotional, melodic, harmonious, rhythmic and heartfelt. After successfully aiding and projecting the works of many other poets, He is bound to serve the finest cocktail of spoken word /poetry with acoustic music to audience at the Equator Bar inside the plush La-Palm Royal Beach Hotel

Rhymesonny is a poet/spokenword artiste and Creative Entrepreneur who have been an irrepressible force in promoting contemporary poetry in Ghana and the world at large. He has created a number of platform for poets through People Of Equal Thoughts and Spirit and ALEWA, the most prestigious poetry event in where young people with interest in poetry and spoken word share their works.

Ministry of Poetry’s main aim is to contributing to development of poets and spokenword artiste in Ghana. The vision is to promote the creation of poetry whether spoken or written while cultivating literary activities and spoken word events on-line or otherwise in order to build audience participation, stimulate creativity, awaken minds, foster education, inspire mentoring, source for business opportunities for poets and writers.

Make a date with Rhymesonny this Saturday, 17th May, 2014 at 7:30 pm at Equator Bar inside the plush La-Palm Royal Beach Hotel for a memorable buffet of rhymes, wits and positive vibes