Lunch at Den Bogaerde Holiday Farm

Lunch at Den Bogaerde Holiday Farm
past over 3 years ago

Sun, Jan 18. 10:00AM - 1:00PM

Den Bogaerde Holiday Farm Tutu, Ghana

Event Details

With the harmattan filling our lives and houses with dust, it is high time to flee from the city. Of course the Akuapem hills are also subjected to the dusty wind, but being outside of the city makes it at least less harsh and suffocating.
Come and join us for lunch, go for a hike, follow a workshop or just sit, relax and watch your kids enjoy themselves on our playground.

As usual, we are offering you three completely different dishes. You can opt for the vol-au-vent (chicken and minced meat in bechamelsauce) in a basket of puff pastry served with a variety of raw vegetables and a sweet potato salad. Or you can choose the hunter's dish: minced meat in tomato sauce topped with mashed yam and prepared in the oven. The vegetarians can opt for a vegetarian wok (one-pan dish).
Come with a big appetite, since buffet will be set out to give you the opportunity to refill.
All dishes are served with water.

Several home-made minerals and juices, wines and beer are made available to you.

Book by latest Friday 16th of January if you would like to come and visit us on Sunday, the 18th of January. Make your reservations by calling 0543777800 or mail