Let's get Mike to school

Let's get Mike to school
past about 1 year ago

Thu, Aug 31 3:00PM - Fri, Sep 1 6:00PM

Arusha, Tanzania Arusha, Tanzania

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This is a first for me - approaching friend and acquaintances for money. I have reached out however, to people who I know have hearts that te kind and giving.

A week ago, I met a 16 year old boy called mike in an orphanage in Tanzania. He was orphaned at the age of 6 and since then the orphanage has been his home. I have visited several orphanages in Tanzania and This is by far the most impoverished. When we walked in to the orphanage Mike stood out holding his head high. My daughter had met him a few weeks previously. She asked him what he wanted most in the world and he replied to go to school. He had been in school till two years ago sponsored by an overseas donor. The donor sadly died and when the money stopped coming mike had to leave school. He loves math and science and history and has tried hard to keep up his studies on his own. He never given up hope that someday someone will walk through the gates of the orphanage and help him get back to school.

We made enquiries and found him a great school - Edmond Rice School Arusha they were reluctant to consider him initially but eventually were convinced to give him an interview and entrance test. He impressed the school so much that hey immediately offered him a place.

We as a family have taken it upon ourselves to raise the money for this. We have an excellent local contact in Arusha who will make sure that any moneys ent will be used appropriately.

The school fees for the year including boarding are $700 additional costs and to cover uniform, books a mattress and blankets amount to $200. We are asking for donations of :
100 NIS / $30 / £25 ( You can of course give more)

We need the money quickly as school has already started in Tanzania.

Donations can be sent to a designated PayPal account. Smallsteps.change@gmail.com or you can contact me when I get back to Israel
( August 7th) and give me cash which I will then send.

Thank you for taking the the time to read all of this.