Leavers' Plugin 2nd Edition - 2017

Leavers' Plugin 2nd Edition - 2017
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Mon, Jan 30 5:00AM - Fri, Feb 3 1:00PM

Victoria University Kampala Uganda Victoria Towers, Plot 1-13, Jinja Road Kampala, Uganda

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The greatest resource that any country has is in nurturing it’s youth with the approach of relevance to society. Coming from a corporate background, and having interviewed thousands of young people for jobs in Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana, we realize that there is a major gap between School and Relevance. Through our training in the corporate environment, one major feedback we get from our satisfied clients is:

“I wish someone would have taught me these things earlier”

Our immediate response is to create a bridge between School and Relevance. The Leavers’ Plugin is one of the Forums we are using towards this end. The Senior 6 Leavers (A Level Graduates) will thus have the benefit of “being taught these things earlier” so that their lives are calibrated early for relevance, greatness, success and Legacy.