Learning with Celebrities Conference (LWCC)

Learning with Celebrities Conference (LWCC)
past over 4 years ago

Thu, Apr 3. 8:00AM - 4:30PM

University Rd University Rd, Lagos, Nigeria

Event Details

This event is the brain child of west genius consult , a human resource capacity development outfit.  The program is orchestrated to encourage students  to stay back in school  and embrace with excellence, the notion of education as a primary focus in the chase and pursuit of their careers .

’Education is the tool for personal freedom and socio-economic transformation. ‘ - Oloyede Taiwo

The event is  a symposium  where students will be exposed to the intricacies and socio-economic potentials of their environment and  also taught the rudiments of lasting positive legacies and the importance of doing well in their academics, being taught directly by their mentors and favored celebrities.

Objectives of the event:

  • To bridge the gap between celebrities and proteges.
  • Connect classroom to the marketplace.
  • Reduce the number of dropouts.
  • Encourage scholars
  • Student cognitive , workability and employability capacity development
  • Uphold the tenets of global excellence
  • Nation building