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Thu, Oct 28. 9AM - 1PM
Osu Eben-Ezer Presbyterian Church, Accra
past 7 months

The 21st century demands new breed of leaders: Leaders who can take the storm and ride it towards new territories. The call for a new breed of leaders has become louder at the start of the third decade of the 21st century. Leaders and aspiring leaders in the 21st century have been caught ball watching: they do not understand the demands of the new century and lack the tools and strategies to make game changing decisions. In Learn2Lead, Leviticus Eaglekings will deliver to Leaders, Aspiring Leaders, Sales Persons, Departmental Leaders, Managers & CEO’s, New Employees, Line Managers & Frontline Officers, Church Leaders, Parents and persons concerned with the growth of their organizations, game changing tools and strategies for riding the wave of the 21st century. What Learn2Lead leadership coaching will teach you… 1. The 3 parameters dictating leadership in the 21st century. 2. The 5 Pyramid Leadership Challenges 3. The power of the proactivity cycle and how to use it to create tremendous impact in your life and organization. 4. The 5 levels of impactful leadership in the 21st century. 5. Rare secrets of creating impact in yourself and the people you lead. MAKE A DATE WITH DESTINY Please register yourself and your team on 0244872592 / 0591557092

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