Launching of

By Omotola Jalade Ekehinde
Mon, Mar 20 8:00AM - Sun, Apr 2 8:00PM
Lagos, Nigeria, Lagos

Pay2earn is a peer2peer platform where members help each other financially. When you join Pay2earn, you will have to sign up on any of the packages available either Bronze (N10,000), Silver (N20,000), Gold (N50,000) or Diamond (N100,000). After signing up, you will be matched with a fellow participant of Pay2earn whom you will have to pay within 6 hours of signing up. He/She will then confirm your donation and then the system automatically queues you up to be assigned two(2) downlines from spillovers who will each pay you the amount you signed up for thereby earning 200% returns on investment or 100% profit. For example if you sign up for the Diamond package which is N100,000 worth, after you have duly made your payment to a fellow participant and must have been confirmed, the system will then match you up with two (2) downlines that will pay you N100,000 each earning a total of N200,000. When a participant has successfully received his/her 2 payments, the system mandates such participant to recycle within 48 hours or that account will be blocked. Pay2earn introduces a cool feature which will make members feel more at ease when using this platform and that is the “Flag User” button. A situation whereby a participant who is expecting to earn has fake POP (Proof of Payment) issues, he/she can simply hit the “Flag User” button on his/her dashboard. This will immediately alert Pay2earn Admins who will look into such issue with urgency. Please note that earnings on investment will be on or before 10 workings days. Endeavour to be patient and as you do, you can earn more by inviting people to earn like you through your referral link. You are entitled to 5% of your referrals confirmed donations withdrawable when it accumulates to the value of any of the available packages.

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