Launch: Stories of Rain, Origins Centre JHB

Launch: Stories of Rain, Origins Centre JHB
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Thu, Sep 8. 3:00PM - 6:00PM

Origins centre Wits University Johannesburg, South Africa

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Stories of Rain - Global Nomadic Art Project
Thursday 08 September 2016 @ 17h30
Origins Centre, Wits University
cnr Yale & Enoch Sontonga
Braamfontein, Johannesburg

Phindulo Muzhambi at

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Director of the Origins Centre, Steven Sack, is launching the Stories of Rain Global Nomadic Art Project which will trace the legacy of the first nomadic peoples of southern Africa.

Local artists guide international artists through varied landscapes and world heritage rock art sites across South Africa, creating temporary nature art responses along the way.

Nature art is a non-destructive ephemeral art practice that uses natural materials and structures found at a chosen site to construct or perform a temporary artwork. Its practice engages meditative processes in preference to formal considerations, and artists will often repeat the same forms at different locations.

Be sure to contact Phindulo Muzhambi at to confirm your attendence.

After an introduction by Steven Sack, Stories of Rain organiser, Anni Snyman, will introduce the project and its participants along with her Korean counterparts - Ko, Seung-hyun; Lee, Jae-eun; and Kim, Soon-im.

Come and meet the international artists and South African artists who will be hosting them.

At the same time some of the international artists will be arriving in Cape Town where Strijdom van der Merwe, Janet Botes, Janet Ranson and the Cape contingent of Site_Specific Collective artists will be hosting them.


The Global Nomadic Art Project is a South Korean initiative that is making its way across the globe, starting in Korea in 2014, moving across to India in 2015, coming to South Africa in 2016 and heading to Iran, Britian, and America going forward.

International artists are invited to travel through each country and engage in ephemeral nature and land art practices, documenting their work as they go.

Public events and workshops are conducted along the way to allow artists to show their work and talk about their experiences.

Be sure to follow the public events taking place across South Africa: