Launch of Absolutely Awesome South Africa by Derryn Campbell

By Book Lounge
Tue, Oct 6. 3:30PM - 6:30PM
Book Lounge, Cape Town

Absolutely Awesome South Africa brings you more of the entertaining fun, facts and trivia that we all loved in Awesome South Africa. This brand new coffee table book has the same colourful and vibrant format with completely new content and design on every page. Absolutely Awesome South Africa captures the heart and the soul of this magnificent country. For daily trivia of the best, greatest, craziest, biggest, and funniest - the Awesome South Africa Diary will intrigue you, make you laugh, astonish and astound you. This entertaining page-a-day diary is packed full of information, colourful graphics and photographs. The interesting facts and trivia capture the heart and the soul of South Africa showcasing the best the country has to offer. Published by Awesome SA.

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