Labour Party Towards 2017 General Elections

By Labour Party of Kenya
Thu, Sep 22 5:00AM - Fri, Sep 23 2:00PM
Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi

Vision To be the strongest, most inclusive social democratic party in Africa. Mission To empower the citizens of Kenya to form a government that will ensure a classless society that guarantees socio-economic prosperity for all. Goal Labour Party of Kenya’s goal is to achieve sustainable development by providing exemplary people-centered leadership. Ideology Labour Party of Kenya (LPK) is a social democratic party founded on Social Democracy as its political ideology, with a major focus on the welfare of workers, gender parity and equal opportunities for all Kenyan people. Core Values Labour Party of Kenya core values are based on the following; • Integrity • Democracy • Respect for citizen’s rights • Respect for Rule of Law. • Gender equity. • Equity and Meritocracy • Commitment • Justice • Accountability Introduction Labour Party of Kenya strives for the achievement of equality, social and economic justice, community solidarity and freedom, good governance, equity and meritocracy, respect for citizen’s rights, gender equity, respect for rule of law, hard work and selflessness, transparency and accountability. It seeks to have these values reflected in the laws and institutions of Kenya. We believe in the right of all citizens to participate fully in society and to develop their personal and social identity in Kenya that is truly democratic, fair and inclusive. Labour Party of Kenya (LPK) is a social democratic party founded on Social Democracy as its political ideology, with a major focus on the welfare of workers, gender parity and equal opportunities for all Kenyan people. Labour Party of Kenya believes in social democracy and, will seek to be part of the international socialist movement working for equality and to empower citizens, consumers and workers in a world increasingly dominated by big business, greed and selfishness. The Labour Party of Kenya was first registered under the Societies Act on 30th March 1998 to provide a means by which working people could bring about social and economic justice. Labour Party of Kenya was then later registered under the Political Parties Act (PPA), 2007 and registered as a political party complying with Political Parties Act, 2011. The aspiration of the party founder members led by Julia Auma Ojiambo to “close the gap between what ought to be and what is” remains valid today. Despite Kenya have made great strides in economic wealth, class divisions continue to exist and many of its citizens continue to experience, from childhood, major inequalities in wealth, health and life chances. Tackling growing poverty and inequality throughout the world, in all their manifestations, is the single greatest challenge now facing humanity. Labour Party of Kenya stands for democratic, workable global institutions to confront this challenge; and asserts that people in the developing world have a particular responsibility to accomplish the structural changes required to share the world’s resources more equitably. What Labour Party of Kenya stands for? The Labour Party of Kenya believes in tackling the underlying conditions which generate the systematic and deeply rooted inequality which people experience. The achievement of equality requires that society be reorganized with the specific objective of a more equal distribution of wealth and power. Labour Party of Kenya is committed to recognizing and valuing diverse identities and experiences. The Labour Party of Kenya believes that community solidarity, a common sense of belonging and a willingness to work for the common good in the local and the wider community, is essential to creating a good quality of life for all. The environment is central to a true sense of community, locally and globally. Without clean water, air and safe food there is no life. All human interaction with the environment must be sustainable so that we can meet the needs of today without compromising the rights of future generations Labour believes in a democracy in which all people can participate in decision-making on an equal basis wherever their interests are affected. To function effectively, democracy requires access to information and analysis through a media that is under diverse ownership and underpinned by effective freedom of information legislation. A commitment to democracy requires equality in political competition, with proportionate resources being available to all parties within the political system. The Labour Party of Kenya rejects the use of force, intimidation and violence as a means of achieving political aims in a democratic society. It also rejects all forms of corruption in political and public life. The Labour Party of Kenya stands for a dynamic, positive role for the State working through responsive and accountable public institutions at local, national, and international levels. In expressing the democratically determined public good, the State can be an enabling, civilizing and bonding force. The State is central to the creation and distribution of wealth through the investment, development and management of the country’s assets and resources. It is also responsible for the provision of effective, high quality and accountable public services, regulation of markets for the public good, and a fair taxation system. Labour affirms the role of the State in ensuring that all men, women and children enjoy basic human rights, including the right to a home, to an adequate standard of living, to proper levels of health care and education and to employment. Such rights should not depend on income, power or privilege. The Labour Party of Kenya favours an efficient and competitive public sector, operating in an open, mixed economy, responsive to consumer needs, generating and maintaining quality employment and a sustainable environment. Freedom involves not only the freedom of individuals to pursue personal goals and to seek to fulfill their potential, but also freedom from external oppression, hunger, ignorance and fear. All people should have opportunities for enjoyment of and participation in cultural life. The Labour Party of Kenya seeks to advance its values in the wider world while promoting Kenya’s independence and interests. Labour Party of Kenya’s vision is that of a prosperous Kenyan Nation which espouses the principles of social democracy, equity, justice, peace and freedom What Labour Party of Kenya does The Labour Party of Kenya believes that its principles and values provide the best means by which Kenya can be transformed into a more equal, safe, caring and prosperous society. The Labour Party of Kenya believes that political action is central to the achievement of a fair society. The political process provides the best means of articulating the difficult choices facing society and of providing the leadership needed to address them. The Labour Party of Kenya is committed to democracy and equality in the way it operates as a political party. It seeks to draw towards the Party all of those who share its vision and to value their contribution whether as members, activists, supporters or voters. Party members progress these values through advocacy in their communities and workplaces, by participation in community organizations and trades unions, and by working for the election of the maximum number of Labour Party of Kenya public representatives at local, national and International levels. The Labour Party of Kenya works on a daily basis at local and national level to advance the values and objectives set out in this Constitution and is committed to promoting these principles in its parliamentary activities and in all governments in which it may participate.

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