Kuri Kuri Primary School Library Project - Kenya

Kuri Kuri Primary School Library Project - Kenya
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Sat, Apr 30. 2:00AM - 5:00AM

Laikipia, Kenya Nairobi, Kenya

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We aim to build a school library in Laikipia North, Kenya, which will benefit more than 250 students (at present time, and even more in the future!) in the Maasai region!

Did you know that literate people who do not have the chance to continue using and improving their literacy skills may easily fall back into illiteracy?

Did you know that libraries are ranked as the lowest priority in educational spending in spite of their long-lasting impact on reading capabilities, creativity, language skills improvement and literacy development?

I am a Master in Comparative Social Policy student at the University of Oxford. During the summer of 2015, I had the privilege of working as a volunteer in the village of Kuri Kuri, in the Kenyan county of Laikipia North. While volunteering in Kuri Kuri, I was witness to thousands of children being deprived of access to books and other educational resources, despite their strong willingness and motivation to learn and acquire new knowledge. Furthermore, many young girls in Kuri Kuri live under the constant threat of gender-based violence. A considerable number of families in the village live in traditional Maasai manyatta houses, which are often crowded and ill-equipped in terms of lighting, thus precluding many children from studying at home.

Against this backdrop, and upon the request from the village representatives, I have decided, joined in this effort by my friend Alvaro Fernandez de la Mora, who is reading for a DPhil in Law at Oxford, to fundraise money for the creation of a school library in Kuri Kuri.

If you believe that everyone deserves the right to have access to books, please join us in our efforts by making a donation, no matter how small; every penny counts!

We thank you for your generosity on behalf of all the people of Kuri Kuri!

Donate/ know more about our project: https://chuffed.org/project/kuri-kuri-primary-school-library-project-kenya

Stay tuned with our project: https://www.facebook.com/kurikuriprimaryschoollibraryproject/?fref=nf