Kigali Creative Writing Workshop 2014

Kigali Creative Writing Workshop 2014
past over 3 years ago

Starts: Friday, 24 October, 2014 12:00am

Ends: Friday, 24 October, 2014 03:00am

Event Details

Every three months, we pose a new theme, question, and/or prompt. Each regional program hosts workshops, readings, and other gatherings, centered around this theme/question/prompt. Participants are encouraged and supported to attend events in various regions—studying, teaching, volunteering, meeting other writers. Kahini workshops focus on meeting new people and writing characters of a different background than one personally has, thus building empathy and mutual understanding across borders of all kinds.

From 24th to 25th October, 2014 we shall be hold our first Workshop in Kigali, Rwanda targeting writers of all ages.

Come through and be part of this great learning experience.