Kenya Diaspora Homecoming Convention

Kenya Diaspora Homecoming Convention
past almost 2 years ago

Wed, Dec 14 5:00AM - Fri, Dec 16 9:00AM

Catholic University of Eastern Africa Karen, Nairobi Nairobi, Kenya

Event Details

The Convention intends to engage local political and economic actors on areas of mutual interest to foster development in Kenya and strengthen bilateral/multilateral relations and democratic growth. Kenyans abroad believe that they are key stakeholders in Kenya’s socio-economlocic welfare, but there is increasing concern among them for the apparent poor engagements by policy makers on various matters of mutual interest. The Kenyan Disaporans also believe that the Kenyan government (including devolved structures) and the corporate sector should open up clear and well defined engagement strategies to
harness the various academic and professional skills possessed by the country’s overseas professionals for the common good.