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Starts: Saturday, 28 February, 2015 10:00am

Ends: Saturday, 28 February, 2015 01:00pm

Event Details

The Summer Beach Party

Venue: Kariega Beach, Kenton-on-Sea

Date: February 28th

Charity: SPCA (Canned Pet Food) / Grahamstown Feeding Association (Canned food)

The Idea:

To create the Ultimate Summer Beach Party Experience...

Think about the perfect Summer Beach Day;

Sun, Sand, Sun Cream, Warm Water,Tight Mates, Good Food, Cold Drinks, Great Music and on top of that, Transport to get you there and back...

Tickets: Available On-line 2 Feb (Details To Come)

Transport Tickets (LIMITED):

R100 (4 canned food)
R120 (3 canned food)
R150 (no donation)

General Entrance Tickets:

R50 (4 cans)
R70 (3 cans)
R100 (no donation)

VIP Tickets: (LIMITED)

R470 (4 cans)
R500 (3 cans)
R600 (no donation)

>>>>>OR (Recommended)<<<<<

VIP Group Special:

15 people - R350 pp (Incl. Donation)


10 people - R400 pp (Inlc. Donation)


What VIP Includes:

We Know you like to take partying seriously, even more so with donations..

So, we'd like to offer you; your very own Summer Beach Party Experience...

Not only will VIP gain you exclusive access to the VIP Beach Bar Lounge, but FREE ALCOHOL at your leisure...

A VIP Ticket further gets you Transport in the Comfort of a Mini Bus.

More so, GROUP SPECIALS have the prestige of personally exclusive Taxi Shuttles that take you and your group back to your digs/residence.


Above and beyond - “Partying for the People and the Pets”

Not only does a ticket provide you with the most unique event Rhodes has ever had, but also, we will all be partying for a cause much greater than our own; all donations will be given to the SPCA, as well as the Grahamstown Feeding Association, to assist them in relieving the plight of hunger. Loose Change is projecting between 4500 - 9000 cans to be donated. That's the equivalent of providing 50 meals a day for 6 months, just by having 1 Summer Beach Party.

“Going Green”

Ultimately, this event will be aiming to leave no carbon foot print behind. Various recycling bins and other mechanisms to keep the area clean at all times will be provided.

The Bigger the Party the Bigger the Contribution.

So let's have it.

On-line Ticket sales start 2 February.

More details to follow...