By Citi-Kode Events
Sat, Nov 15. 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Takoradi Polytechnic Auditorium, Takoradi

Jusec 2014 is a citi kode event initiative and the first of its kind in the western region. The event seeks to entertain but most importantly educate junior high school level students. The event combines two (2) educative and one (1) Cultural-entertaining segment.

The educative segment will involve a French Spelling Bee competition. This will seek to improve on the French speaking ability of the Ghanaian student who has all its country neighbours as francophones among other reasons of the language being;

  1.        A language for the job market 
  2.        A world language 
  3.        A language for higher education 
  4.        The other language of international relations 
  5.        A language that is fun to learn 

It will also have a short pageant show with the name ‘’MISS JUSEC’’. The crown winner should use the English Language to address on a topic given by the event committee. She should also exhibit the Ghanaian culture in her pageant costume.

To climax the whole event, the entertaining segment will be characterized by dramas, cultural dance and musical performances by participating schools and other special guests.

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