Jazz & African Music Nights #JAMN

Jazz & African Music Nights  #JAMN
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Fri, Apr 17. 6:00PM - 9:00PM

The South African State Theatre 320 Pretorius Street Pretoria, South Africa

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DATE: 17 APRIL 2015

Luanga Choba
South African born and bred, but with Zambian ancestry, the songbird explains that “luanga” means “this charm it is yours” in Zambia’s Chikunda language. “Charm as in a traditional doctor’s charm to bring you wellbeing or healing, or ward off evil spirits,” she explains.
She hopes that combining her natural talent for music with her medical background will allow her to explore the healing magic of music and touch the lives of many.

Aus Tebza
Tebogo Patience Sedumedi started her journey in the music industry at an early age where she initially started by singing in a group at 15 years old. In her journey she learnt how to play bass at first because she wanted to start a band and then fell deeply in love with it and got to explore it to its depth. This was a surprise to me to find out that Tebza is a self taught bassist yet her bass sounds so “educated” , now that’s a true woman in the field “ give that woman a bells”. Her initial first gig was with a band called attaza and got paid only 300 but that did not stop her from pursuing her dream. Tebza has an all female band called DEEVA, which is doing very well and is going places. The band will one day record an album, it is been a long time coming and it will happen.