Italian movie night.

By Dante Alighieri Zimbabwe - Italian Cultural Society Zimbabwe
Thu, Mar 2. 4:30PM - 8:00PM
Half Bar at 14 Aintree - AKA Tristan's, Harare

Si accettano miracoli is a 2015 Italian comedy film directed by Alessandro Siani (it). The movie will be screened with English subtitles on the 2rd of March at Tristan's Place at 18.30. Entrance for Dante members is $3 per person (2017 memberships will need to be renewed and can be done at the movie) Non members $5 per person. Before the movie Curry dinner "Apericena" with italian music avaiable too at $10 Bookings are essential. Contact 0773557758 Si Accettano Miracoli. Fulvio arrives in a small town in Campania, after being fired from the company where he worked. In the country, Fulvio stays with his brother, Don Germano, the minister. Fulvio understands that the situation in the country is desperate. Don Germano reveals that the situation is dire because Upper Citadel does not come in tourism, so the amenities are ancient as the citizens. Fulvio notices a loose panel on the ceiling of the chapel that pours water on the face of the statue of St. Thomas. Fulvio as a management professional researches about miracles and makes plans. One day, while Fr. Don Germano is celebrating Mass, a devout old woman sees these drops, believes they are tears and declares to the others that it is a miracle. The news spreads, and so leads to pilgrimages from cities all over Italy to see the statue of the sad saint. Fulvio exploits this to the maximum with various branding and marketing strategies. This brings economic benefit for the town as well as the orphanage. However, members of the Lower Citadel are not happy with popularity and the Vatican wants to see clearly on the matter ...meanwhile Fulvio is lovestruck and is offered a job in the city. Does the town get a second-chance, will there be a divine intervention. Does Fulvio get together with his love, does he get the new job. Does the town's problem be solved by Fr. Germano, can Fr. Germano convince the Vatican curators....All this puzzles are portrayed in this hilarious movie with backdrop of a country.

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