International Arts School 2 day workshop

International Arts School 2 day workshop
past almost 2 years ago

Starts: Saturday, 13 August, 2016 07:00am

Ends: Sunday, 14 August, 2016 02:00pm

Event Details

Our training workshop will be from Saturday 13 – Sunday 14 August at the International Arts School in Pretoria East

We were voted school and director of the year in 2015 at iPOP Hollywood
This coaching is designed to prepare you for IPOP Hollywood and local auditions and further your skills development as an artist as well as learn how to raise sponsorships.
Personal & Branding strategy, Vision, mission, strategic role and SWOT analysis
(The key is to - Arrive ready to compete not to merely survive).
Talent Awareness, How to sell yourself, Personal physical awareness training,
Personal emotional management training, Personal rational thinking training,
Past experience versus present living and future dreaming.
This course is designed for beginning voice students to work on the basic skills of singing, acting, including vocal technique (in speech and singing) and solo vocal performance. Aspects of breathing, support, diction and a variety of vocal literature will be addressed.
Students will work on self-improvement by fostering and developing greater self-awareness, confidence, and expression. The majority of the class time will be spent learning how to sing/act/model/dance and training your voice.
Students will develop more appreciation for the vocal art, as a cultural force in a civilized world. Learn ways in which singing/acting/modeling and dance are used in culture and in individual lives. Choreographing - Runway posture and walking - Body co - ordination - Eye contact - Smile - Introduce and practice age-appropriate movement skills - Appearance (Beauty from the inside out) –
1. Vocal technique: breath management, tone quality, coordination, lift, placement, support.
2. Musicianship: accuracy in pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, phrasing.
3. Stage presence: posture, poise, use of gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, nervous habits, attire, grooming.
4. Diction: pronunciation, clarity and projection of text, words understood, diphthongs correctly performed, etc.
5. Musical/dramatic presentation: interpretation, style, expression, portrayal of mood, dynamic changes, tempo fluctuation, etc.
6. Preparation: memorization, rehearsal

Oliver Müller
Director iPOP Africa