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Influence Of Music On Fashion Throughout The Decades

Sat, May 1. 12AM - 12:15AM
Influence Of Music On Fashion Throughout The Decades, New York
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Influence Of Music On Fashion Throughout The Decades

The relationship between fashion and music is indisputable. It is a relationship that was established in the 19th century and up to date remains strong. The influence of music has led to the birth of different fashion styles and designs no one thought about. 

Through this article, I'll be reviewing the influence of music on fashion though out the decades in the 19th century and 21st century. At the end of this article, you’ll understand why music still up to date influences fashion styles and the trending of various fashion designs. 

Music influence in the 19th-century fashion

The influence of music started way back in the 1920s and throughout the decade. Besides music influencing fashion, it also influenced sexuality, political beliefs, and also individuality. Also, in the 1920s, it was when the world was recovering after World War 1. Another notable event in 1920 was the nationwide prohibition of alcohol, which came about due to the controversial Jazz music genre. 

Despite the fact that people banned from taking alcohol and people still flocked to listen to Jazz music and drink, music led to fashion expression as people flocked together in support of the African –American Jazz musicians. The musician expressed defiance so as people express theirs through fashion. 

The young ladies ditched the 1910s fashion lost full-skirt trends, and adopted the 1920s fashion, which featured scandalous look, including short bob haircuts, long pearl necklaces, and below-the-knee beaded evening dresses. On the other hand, men adopted new fashion high-collared shirts and double-breasted coats. 

Music influence in the 21st fashion 

In the 21st century still, music influences fashion in different ways.  In the 2000s, Rave and EDM music influenced fashion styles, but that changes, and one of the biggest music genres influencing music is rap. 

The musician who has majored in rap music which includes hip hop, skate, and surf, for some time now they has influenced several minds on fashion designs. In the 80s And 90s, rap musicians also influenced fashion styles by introducing wear45ing of golden chains. 

In the 21st century, still, these musicians influence the streetwear fashion designs and styles, which consist of wearing torn-up Vans, bucket hats, and Supreme.  Popular musicians also in the 21st century have realized the influence of music and started their fashion lines. 

No matter how many years to come, the influence of music on fashion cannot be overlooked. It is clear this music's influence on music is indisputable.  In support of the claim in one of the surveys conducted in 2019 by Hype beast and Strategy, their publication has shown that the streetwear fashion from most people who were interviewed said they drew inspiration from musicians. Most musicians today are fashion icons because their supports like to copy their fashion. They have made a fortune out of the fashion styles they promote. These are evidence enough to say music in need influences fashion and still will continuing to have influence. 

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