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Indoor Plant Gifts For Your Nature-loving Friend

Thu, May 28. 4:00PM - 4:15PM, Brass
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Are you looking for a long-lasting gift for a special friend? A fresh, beautifully presented Indoor plant is a fantastic choice. If your friend is an inexperienced young gardener or a skilled green thumb, a plant may actually bring new life into their living space. Home plants have the ability to turn every living room into something unique in addition to enhancing wellbeing. Plants are really thoughtful, so there’s something special about presenting them as gifts. Plant online gifts delivery makes people happy, warm up a room, and bring positive vibes around the home.

Here are some unique Indoor Plant gifts for plant lover friends that reveal you know what they like the most:

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera – the very well known plant in every home (after Baba Ramdev endorsed its magical beauty as well as health benefits) magnifies your living conditions with more prosperity and happiness. According to Vastu, it is recommended to keep it in the North or East direction of the house. The one thing that you should consider is that the plant receives enough indirect sunlight (direct or indirect). Aloe vera has tremendous benefits for the skin. It can be applied topically and the leaves can be eaten too.

The Lucky Bamboo

As per Feng Shui, the bamboo plant is a figure of prosperity, fortune, abundance, and it sparkles everywhere it is placed, like in – office, your home, desk, etc.  It will not only aesthetically enhance the atmosphere but, at the same time, convey your warm wishes to your buddy.

Money Plant

Like bamboo, the money plant brings in luck, happiness, and prosperity along with the lush greenery. Apart from beautifying the home, it is the best gift in the form of fresh air. What else one needs in the age of high pollution! Do you know the fact that Vastu experts do not suggest growing it outside in the garden? It should be cultivated indoors as a norm. By both Vastu and Fengshui, the Money Plant should be placed in the southeast direction of the living room or hall area.

Jade Plant

Jade plant, named after the jade-like dark green colour of the leaves. Do you know the leaves of the Jade Plant can be used in the treatment of diarrhea and epilepsy? Yes! And even it is quite effective for the purification of the body too. Besides the popular Money Plant (as mentioned above), Jade Plant is also commonly known as money plant or money tree. It can also be grown into bonsai, since the fact that it forms a bonsai quite easily when pruning is done precisely.


Low-maintenance, softly textured and available in a dazzling selection of pastel shades from mint green to mauve, succulents are a decent home treat. They are also light, making them suitable for smaller dwellings. Get them a single succulent in a small pot or customize a succulent plant in a larger pot.

Bamboo Palm

The plant is so named because of its likeness to bamboo. Alongside giving a subtle tropical appearance to the indoor environment, it has a great potential for filtering out indoor air pollutants efficiently. All it requires is to be watered to keep soil moisture damp, and it grows well in low light conditions. Unlike some palm species, the bamboo palm is quite non-toxic to the cats as well as dogs. Go for it!

Bonsai Tree an Indoor-Plant

Primarily real-life miniature trees, Bonsais continue to make an appealing addition to any home. And, according to Japanese culture, it symbolizes prosperity, love, unity and joy – rendering them perfect home warming online gifts for girlfriend or anyone on your gifting list. They will survive for several years with a little care and attention.

Giving a plant to your friend will be an act of not only giving them something to celebrate your love and care bond but will also help the environment!

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