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In-depth Excel Training, Executive Dashboards & Business Data Analysis

By UrBizEdge
Fri, Jun 14. 8AM - Sat 4PM
past about 1 month
In-depth Excel Training, Executive Dashboards & Business Data Analysis

Below are the details of our next training to take place in Lagos. Thanks for your interest!

This is a special opportunity for you to be trained at a specially discounted cost by professionals who have done Microsoft Excel training and consulting for MTN Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria, Vodacom, Globacom, Guinness, Nigerian Breweries, Total E&P and many other local and international companies.

You will get to learn all you need to boost your productivity at work and your career/entrepreneurial prospects. So this is an opportunity you shouldn't miss.

The training details are as follows:

Venue: UrBizEdge, 11 Oseni Street, adjacent GTBank, Anthony Village, Lagos.

Cost: N120,000

The cost covers your training materials, after-training support, video learning materials, certificate, and lunch. Try to pay early to secure your spot and send us your name as you would like it to appear on your certificate.

Payment Details


Bank: FCMB

Account No: 2888666014

Branch: Onipanu

Title: Business Data Analysis, Dashboards, and In-depth Excel Training

Training Outline

1. Data Manipulation in Excel

a. How Excel handles different data types

b. Data consistency, starting with the end in view

c. Building Datasheets that can easily scale

d. Sorting

i. Cascaded sorting

ii. Sorting across rows (left-to-right sorting, not the usual up-to-down sorting)

iii. Sorting and Conditional Formatting to identify trends

e. Filtering

f. Data cleaning

i. Removing duplicates

ii. Text-to-column

iii. Grouping

iv. Data Validation

g. Data formatting

i. Using Tables (and when to convert to tables)

ii. Formatting for printing

iii. Formatting for email

iv. Data Review and formatting for 3rd party use

h. Named Ranges

2. Charts

a. Chart types

i. Line chart and when to use it

ii. Column chart and when to use it

iii. Bar chart and when to use it

iv. Pie chart and it’s dangers

b. Combining charts; when and how.

c. Dynamic Charts, using filter.

d. Best practices when making charts

e. Sparklines

3. Pivot Table, Pivot Chart and PowerPivot

a. Pivot Table

i. Default Pivot Table

ii. Tabular Pivot Table

iii. Pivot Table Filtering

iv. Making a very dynamic regular table from Pivot Table

v. Calculations and Formula use with Pivot Table

vi. Advanced Pivot Table tricks

b. Pivot Chart

i. Pivot Chart and its limitations

ii. Dynamic Pivot Charts

4. Business Data Analysis

a. Linking sheets

b. Duplicating sheets (better than copy and paste)

c. Inserting sheets, labeling and coloring the professional way

d. Freezing Panes and splitting windows

e. Conditional formatting

i. To identify patterns

ii. Using formulae

iii. To make extremely intelligent reports

f. Lookup functions – VLOOKUP and others

g. IF, IFERROR, AND, OR, ISBLANK, and others in the same family

h. COUNTIF, SUMIF and others, to make dynamic summary tables

i. Math Functions

j. Text Functions

k. Date Functions

l. Formula Auditing

m. Goal Seek, Scenario Manager and Data Table

n. Most useful Excel keyboard shortcuts

5. Executive Dashboards and Reporting

a. Best Practices

b. Executive Dashboards

i. What are Dashboards

ii. Dynamic Reports

iii. Determining the KPIs and tracking them

iv. Strategic Insights & Analysis

v. Data Visualization

vi. Having the audience/recipient in mind

6. Excel to PowerPoint and Word

a. Linking PowerPoint/Word Charts to Excel

b. Embedding Excel sheets in PowerPoint/Word

c. Making a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation

7. Introduction to Excel Macros (VBA)

a. What is Excel Macro?

b. Its value propositions

c. Creating a macro from scratch

d. Practice Session

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