Imagine Ethiopia

By Chelsea Dunbar
Sat, Oct 4. 12:00AM - 3:00AM

Hey Friends, I'm off to Ethiopia this October. No I don't want you to pay for my trip. I've got that covered. I'm heading there with 14 new friends and we're pooling our resources to fundraise for a new school in a little place called Birbisa. Try googling it. You won't find much... There is a school though. Unfortunately, it can only accommodate kids from grades 1 to 4. All boys. The community is looking to change that. If all goes according to plan, ground will break this September for a new facility for boys and girls from grades 1 to 8. While I do consider myself pretty handy, I won't be part of the construction crew. So my journey really starts here. I'm looking for help in my community so that their community can grow and someday be in a position to help a community like theirs. Over the next few months I will be hosting some pretty fun events to raise awareness and try to reach my goal of $7000 to put towards this project. To make a donation please visit my donation page at: To learn more about the project and how you can get involved, perhaps even make the trip with me?! visit I'm not just looking for your money folks. I'll be updating this page over the next six months so if you have any suggestions, questions, tips or you'd like to pitch in at an event let me know. What's already in the works? We'll kick off with a bake sale the first week of May. If you've got a tasty recipe you know will bring in some mega bucks and aren't afraid to share it, hit me up! I'll be hosting some movie nights under the stars, as the nights get warmer. I'll bring the popcorn! Dust off your UNO skills, there's a tournament brewing. Buy in is $50, winner takes half the pot. This could be, dare I say, epic? I'm also offering my dog walking skills by donation. I'll take your pooch for a walk, hike or run if you want. All you need to do is make a minimum $25 donation and I'm theirs for a few high octane hours. Stay tuned. I'm just getting started.

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