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Starts: Sunday, 31 July, 2016 08:00am

Ends: Thursday, 4 August, 2016 10:00pm

Event Details

IFED Youth Diplomacy Conference (IYDC-ACCRA, 2016) is an innovation of the Model United Nations Conference. It combines youths across Africa to discuss pertinent issues of Global interest. IYDC-ACCRA, 2016 is educative as well entertaining. It is a combination of the following:

IFED Model United Nations Conference
IFED Development Programme
IFED Ambassadorial Visits
Ambassadorial Dinner and Awards
IFED Socials and Tours

It is a simulation of the United Nations General Assembly, Security Council and other agencies under the United Nations. It has a social project implementation platform that receives proposals and vet to have the best project adjudged as IFED Development Project. IYDC as well connects you to global opportunities and builds you a global network as delegate.

IYDC is a springboard and rotating conference in Africa that assembles young, generational leaders who will bring change in the leadership style of Africa and affect the world positively no matter where they find themselves.

Although, delegates and officials operate under a set procedure and go through the code of conducts of the UN General Assembly, they will also be made to come out with practical solutions to Africa’s needs.

IFED Youth Diplomacy Conference will run from one country to the other. It partners agencies,
institutions and organizations who can be of assistance in making it a reality in the host nation.