IAmAttending - Uwezo Convocation

IAmAttending - Uwezo Convocation
past almost 2 years ago

Thu, Sep 1 11:45PM - Fri, Sep 2 2:45AM

Labadi Beach Hotel Kpeshie, Accra, Ghana

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Event Details

We are quite fascinated by what inspired this year’s theme. It’s the story of a young man who is believed to have run for more than 1500 hours over the period of a year (five hours a day) just in order to improve his run-time by a second! This is a young man most people know as Usain Bolt.

           To be on the journey towards excellence means you aren’t on a mission to be liked.

Truth is every one of us has some sort of admiration for people performing at optimum level and wish we could do likewise but in reality, many of us find it difficult to adapt to the discomforting adjustments that the pursuit towards excellence demands of us.

           This year, we challenge everyone who has ever dreamed of doing something exceptional to attend Uwezo.

We want to throw an invitation to the silent dreamer who has thoughts and plans of doing something great but is constantly bombarded with thoughts of inadequacy and feelings of inferiority.

Who knows what could unfold when great minds share their success stories and the principles that made the difference.